Buying Tips

Whenever you are buying your first home or investing in residential or commercial property there may be some questions you are asking such as

  • Can I afford it?
  • Where do I start?

Do a little homework – sit down and decide your preferred locations to purchase property.

Do some research and find out what price properties are selling for in the areas of choice.

Engage a legal representative who will act in your best interest in purchasing your property.

Budget & Finance

It is important to check your budget and speak with your financier before you go too far with your search for that perfect property.
There are many lenders and ideally if you get a loan pre-approved it will allow you to buy sooner rather than later and there will be less chance of loosing your dream home.

Organising finance can take some time putting it off might mean you miss out while the bank is getting organised.

Keep Informed

Once you have done your research and organised your finance keep informed. Build a relationship with a property consultant and they will keep you up to date with the current market.

Legal Representation

Once you have found your property and you have completed your negotiations your solicitor’s conveyancers details will be needed. A copy of the sales information and a copy of the contract will be forwarded to your legal representative.

Prepare for Settlement

When settlement takes place you will legally own your new property. Just prior to settlement your legal advisor may encourage you to do a final pre-purchase inspection. This is to check the property condition and make sure all inclusions have been left as per your agreement. We advise you to take the time and do the final inspection, after all, you don’t want any last minute surprises.

Now it’s all done………Enjoy your new property